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For the past 30 years, the PRHC Foundation has worked with the community to help save lives and support our patients by funding medical equipment, capital projects, patient programs and staff education. Our vision is simple. We want nothing less than to help transform patient care at PRHC. With your help, we're doing just that. Thank you so very much.

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Donors help bring cancer care closer to home!

Thanks to the tremendous response of the community, the Closer campaign raised $3.4 million, allowing the Foundation to approve the purchase of additional investments that will help us continue to expand cancer care at PRHC. Donor support plays a vital role. It is helping us help others during one of the most frightening and uncertain times in their lives.

Investments are already being made as a result of the Closer campaign, with highlights including:

Radiation Facility – We look forward to celebrating the opening of our new radiation facility with our valued donors later this year. It will treat 400 of the 1300+ breast cancer, prostate cancer and palliative care patients currently travelling for radiation.

Laparoscopic scopes – These tools allow doctors to perform surgery without making major incisions.

Electrocautery machine – Will allow approximately 600 additional patients with skin malignancy to be treated each year.

Slide labeller – Helps ensure the right tissue samples are matched to the right patient. Slide processing volumes for cancer care are approximately 100,000 per year.

Tissue processor – Processes diagnostic slides three times faster than previous model.

Endoscopes – Six new endoscopes with high definition imaging that will bring a 65% increase in detecting polyps that may lead to colon cancer.

Thank you so very much for supporting cancer care in our region!

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