Donors make great care possible...

Every year, thousands of patients and their loved ones from families just like yours arrive at PRHC. They come seeking answers, treatment, relief from pain, or comfort in the face of a health crisis.

Our job here at the PRHC Foundation is to make sure PRHC's expert physicians, nurses and staff have the tools they need to deliver the innovative care that you want for the people you love. You can help us achieve this.

By investing in PRHC, you ensure that excellence remains the standard of care at your hospital. You help bring new and innovative surgical procedures to PRHC, close to you and your loved ones. And you help PRHC attract and retain the best and brightest by creating an environment where new physician, nurse and staff recruits are able to practice the level of care they have been trained for, and aspire to.

Why your support is neccessary...

As Canadians, we’ve come to expect the highest quality healthcare, but it takes a collective effort on the part of everyone to achieve it. Government funding covers only a portion of what hospitals require in order to meet today’s best practices in patient care, and leaves little room for innovation and advancement.

It is private donations that bridge the ever-widening gap, supporting the purchase of the indispensable emergency, diagnostic, surgical and urgent care equipment that our doctors, nurses, technicians and staff use every day in the treatment of sudden illness and traumatic injury.

Our doctors, nurses and staff have the talent and the ambition. Our hospital has the will and the facilities needed to bring the best, most innovative procedures to our hospital. All we need now is the equipment.

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High Performer - AHP Report on Giving 2015

"Thanks to donors, PRHC has a long tradition of providing specialized regional health care services that garner provincial recognition, support, and attention - services that would not have been possible without the support of the community, including cardiac stenting, radiation therapy and endovascular aneurysm repair, just to name a few."'

Dr. Peter McLaughlin, PRHC Interim CEO & Chief Medical Officer


In 2014/15* your hospital...

  • Admitted over 17,666 patients
  • Had more than 81,743 visits to the Emergency Department
  • Performed 119,703 Diagnostic Imaging procedures
  • Delivered 1,630 babies into the world
  • Completed 19,010 surgical procedures
  • Had over 23,000 Cancer Care Visits
  • Performed 2,967 cardiac procedures
  • Completed 1.43 million laboratory tests
  • Performed 776 hip and knee replacements

* During the period April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015